SEO Services

Free Discovery Call

To begin our partnership, I provide a free 30-minute discovery call to determine whether or not I am a good fit for your SEO needs. This call can be conducted over Google Meet, Zoom, or over the phone, depending on your preferences. My full list of services are down below, past the form.

  • Free call
  • Discover basic SEO principles about your website
  • Identify strong and weak areas of your current online strategy
  • Schedule a time for an SEO audit/other SEO packages


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Full List of SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO Consultation

If you are looking for an in-depth explanation of the major factors impacting your traffic and would like to discover the quickest solutions, this is the package for you! In the days leading up to a planned Video Call, I will prepare a thorough content and technical SEO strategy that will eliminate any glaring technical issues and improve on-page SEO strategies, with the goal of increasing organic search traffic.

  • Thorough SEO Consultation via video meeting
  • Provided with technical and on-page strategies for improving traffic
  • Site health check-up to ensure proper visibility and accessibility
  • Pricing ranges from $150 – $250 depending on the size of your site

Extensive SEO Audit

The extensive SEO audit is the flagship of my services. This in-depth and thorough audit will explore your site’s overall health, technical implementations, online presence, backlink profile, and much more! This includes an hour-long video meeting with me, and at the end of the call, I will personally send you all my audit documentation via email. This will include a written content strategy guide, step-by-step technical fixes, data insights, and any other recommendations to increase your organic traffic.

  • An extensive and thorough audit that reviews every aspect of your website
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics Evaluation to determine strong and weak areas of your website
  • Provided with full audit documentation (such as google docs and google sheets) with a comprehensive technical and content strategy to increase organic traffic
  • Hour+ meeting with me via Zoom or Google Meet, plus a full recording of our session
  • Complementary follow-up consultation to ensure correct implementation of recommendations
  • Prices range from $250 – $650 depending on the size of your website

Complete SEO Content Strategy & Implementation

The Complete SEO Content Strategy & Implementation service is a long-term package that will last over the course of a set amount of time. If you are looking for someone to completely audit your website from an SEO perspective, provide comprehensive strategies on how to increase your organic traffic, and directly implement them on your website, this package is for you!

  • Complete Audit of your website from an SEO perspective
  • Direct implementation of SEO recommendations onto your website over the course of a pre-determined timeline
  • Consistent calls, meetings, and progress reports to ensure transparent communication
  • Pricing varies depending on the goals of your website or business. $2000 – $5000 is the average range for this type of package, but this is subject to change

SEO Teaching Package

If you are a local or online business that consists of multiple team members and are seeking to improve your overall awareness and understanding of SEO, this package is for you! Via Zoom or google meet, I will present a fun, engaging, and interactive lesson on the core topics of SEO ranging from keyword intent, search-engine crawlers, discovery and indexing, page speed, and much more! This is completely customizable and can be tweaked to fit the needs of your team.

  • Full presentation of SEO concepts to your team members and leadership
  • Access to all presentation materials after the session
  • If you are located in the San Diego area, an in-person event can be arranged
  • Prices are fixed at $350 for a 90-minute session & $175 for 45 minutes

Per-Hour SEO Projects

If you looking for someone to assist on a specific project or help implement a specific feature or tool on your website, this offer is for you! I am able to work on an hourly basis to help you achieve any of your SEO goals

  • Google Analytics or Google Search Console Implementation
  • Plugin-Installation, Technical Fixes, Creation of Disavow File, etc
  • My hourly rate will be determined during our initial conversation